👋 hello world

🎭 my pseudonym is nexeq:

- it doesn't mean anything. just nexeq.
- You can call me Yaroslav if u want.

🤔 what I know and can do?

- dotnet, nodejs and other popular programming platforms (excluding java. i hate it).
- system administrating using gnu/linux and windows server.
- playing musical instruments like piano and guitar. trying to write electronic music with vocal.
- playing videogames like half-life, portal, dota.

🧐 examples of my projects all the time:

- Playernone - my first music pseudonym (dead)
- Akarumei - another music pseudonym (dead too)
- Akarumei Channel Network - open website for communications (lol it's ded)
- node beginner server - server realization of http for people who opening node for themselves
- dwm - modificated and personalized version of dynamic window manager

⛓ how to reach me?

- Mail/XMPP -
- Ig - @nexe.q
- Tg - @nexeq
- Fedi -